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A Personal & Profound Decision

May 13, 2019
For Emma, It's Personal
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Why raise a service dog? For PenFed’s Emma Phillips, it’s all about giving back. Emma focuses on the opportunity she has had in her personal life and realizes the importance of giving back to others in need.

All right, Clint let's go. Good.
There is a lot of reasons that made me decide to raise Clint.
The first and foremost is just the heart of service is such an important concept for me.
It also gives awareness to society and people in general about the need for
animals to serve those with disabilities and give them freedoms.
When I was four I was adopted from an orphanage. My biological brother and I
were both adopted. My mom made a momentary decision to go to this
orphanage to visit the kids. That moment decision changed my life because she met
me. She really saved to me from tragedy to be honest and really gave me a future
that there was no place, no way I would have ever had.
I've gotten to meet people in wheelchairs. I've gotten to meet others with different disabilities and
it just kind of resonates with me okay the love that they have for him and the
way he reacts to them and the joy that I can see between the two of them is
reinforcing this is why I did this it's not for me it's for them.

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